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Barangay Records and Automation Management System

The Barangay Records Automation & Management System ( BRAMS), is a free service under the Digital Government program of the Department of Information and Communications Technology, Luzon Cluster 1 (DICT, LC1) that intends to digitally transform barangays in the management of barangay records through an online web based management system. It offers a convenient data processing system and provides basic statistical data as a tool for decision-making in almost real time environment.

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Issuance of Barangay Certificates and Clearances

Barangay Records and Automation Management System (BRAMS) enhance the way certificates and clearances are issued as it encourages a unified form for all barangays served by the system but still maintains an official brand that meets the needs of barangay constituents.

Records Management

The objective of this record management system is to digitized most of its records to complement and support Sec. 394 d. (6) of R.A.7160, THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES by providing a more efficient processing of information for private and public stakeholders. Sensitive records are secured under a semi-cloud base management system for easy retrieval, updating, archiving and classification of data and information.


BRAMS is designed to deliver real time information by providing barangay secretaries ease of updating household and family records on a 24/7 basis using deskstops, laptops and mobile phones that auto update records for senior citizens, out of school youth, children of desired age and other information that are date driven. Demographic information is also automatically processed that immediately defines real time conditions of a barangay through automated generation of reports.